ong likelihood" that Mubarak would step down on Thursday night. Prior to his visit to Michigan, Obama said "what is absolutely clear is that we are witnessing history unfold, it's.

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l was done from June 15 through July 10. According to Gallup, though Americans' perceptions of black- white relations have become increasingly more negative, their perception of re.

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in the state of Ohio, implying a political motive. Full story NEW YORK, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- An article carried by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday criticized U.S. President Bar.

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tained control of the Senate. On Monday, a lame-duck session of Congress begins until the start of the new Congress in January next year, where lawmakers who have been voted out .

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. West Nile virus is transmitted to people by infected mosquitoes. In the United States, most people are infected from June through September, and the number of these infections us.

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gency and President Barack Obama was forced to order "a thorough review of this incident" on Friday. The oil slick on Friday began washing onto Louisiana shores, a region known as .

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ar this year as part of the commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba since 1962, according to the ministry. The United States "reinforces the extrate.

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ies, the United States will work with the international community to provide assistance to the Libyan people, and will safeguard the frozen Libyan assets worth more than 33 billi.

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The joint tactical radio system is another target of the budget panels. If the system is killed, the military will have to spend billions of dollars on outmoded radios and still .

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